Monday, December 28, 2009

Dear Lucasarts: Why Didn't You Tell Me?

Dear Lucasarts,

I bought the Lucasarts Adventure Pack on Steam during the Christmas sale. It cost me $2.50. When I installed the games, I discovered that unlike the hastily DOSBOX-ed exact copies of the original games I was expecting, you guys had done a sort of Special-Edition-Lite thing and upgraded all of them to work with Vista and... INCLUDED VOICE ACTING.


Nowhere on the Steam website, nor anywhere else on the web, that I could find, does it mention that you guys added voice acting to the games. WHY THE HECK DON'T YOU MENTION THIS ANYWHERE?

Now, okay, Indy in Secret of Atlantis is not voiced by Harrison Ford (which would have been really awesome), but the guy you did hire does a decent impression and emotes nicely. I haven't played them a lot yet, but the overall impression compared to the original games is "wow". The voice acting really adds a lot to the atmosphere, especially to Loom which has the very cinematic option of having text be off as default (and I left it that way).

I totally would have bought these games sooner, and for regular price, if I had known you guys actually put some effort into making them more than the original versions.

So dudes, please let me know the full features of the games next time, and then I might not wait for a sale.

The Mad Tinkerer

P.S. Looking forward to Monkey Island 2 SE.