Friday, January 22, 2010

Ribbon Hero

Well I posted about something exceptionally annoying yesterday, so here's something that is exceptionally interesting and has cheered me up somewhat.

Thanks to Lost Garden (link on the weblogs sidebar) for pointing me towards Ribbon Hero.

Ribbon Hero is a game that turns Microsoft Office into a game that teaches you how to use Microsoft Office. Oh, and it's integrated with Facebook, so it's kind of like a Facebook game that's actually worth your time. Now granted it's not the most entertaining game ever, but it's one of the best educational games I've played in a while. So it's social (if you connect it to Facebook), educational and fairly entertaining.

Hopefully it might even cure my Mom of having to call me over every time she wants to cut and paste a paragraph.

It's definitely a step in the right direction as far as the potential of video games having the ability to teach real world skills. Most educational games are aimed at elementary schoolers, and while that is a good thing (The original Sticky Bear and Reader Rabbit programs certainly helped me understand arithmetic and basic spelling), there's so much potential for teaching more advanced subjects as well.

If Microsoft are smart (which they are), they ought to integrate it into all Office apps as standard from now on.